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AK Electrical are the

Remote lighting specialists in Auckland

Part of the difference that makes us a truly valued specialist in the Auckland community is our remote lighting service. We actually have the facilities to operate remote lighting control for areas like sports parks. If you want to control it remotely we can do it, anywhere, anything, via any phone.

How it works

AK Electrical has a unique ``dial in`` control system

Allows us to control anything through a phone with a special number and unique seven digit code! We developed this system to have access to many sports parks around Auckland to help the community have a reliable and efficient lighting system.

Always there for you

By having access to this unique system

We can ensure that the community is supported at all times. This particularly helps local sporting clubs, able to hold training sessions at night after work. We light up the grounds so they can keep their eyes on the ball. And of course, we are fully entrusted to have access to these systems.


When there is a problem

We will be there as quickly as possible to rectify it. That is the whole point of our remote lighting system. Our reputation for excellence reflects why we do what we do, and we are proud to continue serving the community of Auckland! Give us a call today to know more about our remote lighting systems.


More Information

How It Was Developed

The Layout

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Integrating The System




The innovators in sports lighting

AK Electrical has teamed up with eSwitch as the sole distributor of their product within Auckland. eSwitch is a family-owned company with more than 15 years’ experience in the sports lighting industry, including the design, installation, certification and maintenance of sports lighting systems. eSwitch is the market leader in remote sports lighting control systems, enabling councils and sporting venues to securely, safely and sustainably control their field lights via their smartphones.

For Clubs

Sports flood lights are typically a venue’s biggest running expense. eSwitch has proven sustainability benefits in reducing power bills and encouraging more responsible use of lights. Various government grants are available to help fund the implementation of eSwitch at your club.

For Council

Councils who oversee large regions of sporting venues are often burdened with power usage disputes, lost keys, and neighbour complaints. eSwitch offers councils a central dashboard to manage their network of sporting venues and overcome these problems.


BrightSport is a web-based app which connects community sports with floodlit green spaces for casual hire. It enables bookings and payments to be made securely via smartphone, and automatically switches the lights at the designated times using our eSwitch lighting controllers.

BrightSport was created to enable more people to participate in sport in the evenings, while relieving the burden of managing ad hoc field hire requests on councils and venue managers.

A comprehensive look at eSwitches products

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